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School History

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History of the School

School 1897 School 1905

School in 1897 | School in 1905

A one room log cabin was the first school in Caruthersville, and it was located where the Methodist Church now stands. The teacher was Hattie LaForge. The second building was at the same location as the old freight depot, which was located on Third Street. In the beginning school was only in session for the three months in the summer. Mr John Cunningham also taught here and Judge C.B. Faris was the first teacher that taught a six month term.

The third school building was located on Hutchison block. This school burned down in 1892. The school was originally called an academy, then later the name was changed to Pemiscot College. After the school burned down, children attended school in the Methodist Church. Later they attended school where the Bernstein home now stands. This was replaced later by a two-story building. The upper story was one large room where the younger children attended class and the room downstairs housed the older pupils. There were also three rooms where the Walton family lived. For a short time, the students had to pay tuition to go to school.

In 1885, Mr. and Mrs. Rood replaced the Walton family and gained control of the building. Mrs. Rood had 167 pupils that she taught to read and write in the first year. As more and more students came, Mr. Rood painted the lower floor and had Mrs. Roods' sister come live in the building to help teach the children. She was paid thirty dollars a month. The Roods received one-thousand dollars a year.

Then the building was thought to have been sold. An eight-thousand dollar bond was issued to build a new building. Some objections were made because of the large amount of money being used. There was no land to be built on at first, but Mr. Franklin donated land for the building. But the building fund ran out of finances in February of that year.

Then the building as it is known today was built. School was started regularly in 1897 and retained only a single digit of students until 1916, when the enrollment shot to 94.

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